Consultation and Training

Diane provides a safe, solid container in which I’ve felt comfortable sharing questions, counter transference, confusion, and more. I find her insight razor-sharp, and her delivery patient and thoughtful. I consider her an ideal mentor.


Thia Haselton, MFT
Clinical Supervisor

My training philosophy has developed over my 25 years as a professional trainer and mentor and is grounded in the belief that becoming a skilled clinician requires integrating what we know and learn in academics with what we feel and intuit when we sit with a client. In other words, we need to go back and forth continuously between our heads and our hearts. Most of us are more comfortable and have more familiarity with our intellect or our emotions, but the path to being an effective helper is to get comfortable with parts of ourselves that we don’t know well and may not even like.

My expertise provides clinicians and supervisors with suggestions and assistance in this critical ongoing synthesis. I am passionate about helping clinicians provide high-quality behavioral health services to individuals and families with complex, co-occurring conditions. To that end, I am available as a consultant and trainer to community agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am experienced in training clinicians who do psychotherapy and case management in outpatient settings as well as school-based counseling and community outreach programs. I also consult with supervisors and administrators in areas related to program design, clinical training and supervisory challenges.
I can provide consultation and training on a one-time or recurring basis, for a partial or full day. I offer some flexibility in fees in consideration of agency budget limitations.

All topics included in the book “Entering the Behavioral Health Field: A Handbook for New Clinicians”.

Sample training topics include:

  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Assessment and treatment of personality disorders
  • Assessment and treatment of psychotic states
  • Trauma and dissociation
  • Developmental stages of clinical training

Diane has a respectful, professional, informal, inclusive approach to her trainings. She is engaging, and thoughtful. As a participant in her trainings, I found her very knowledgeable and helpful.


Catherine Eliaser, MFT
Clinical Supervisor