My Approach to Psychotherapy

diane suffridge therapistI work with individuals and couples on issues related to current symptoms and circumstances that cause distress and difficulty in important areas of life. This may include work or educational pursuits, interpersonal relationships, and identity. In our first two to four sessions together, we will identify the focus of our attention and the goals you wish to achieve. I will assist you to develop an understanding of the underlying reasons for current difficulties and may suggest specific strategies for handling problematic situations. My theoretical orientation is psychodynamic, which means looking at ways that early experiences shape our interpretations and expectations about who we are and how we relate to others. I also incorporate techniques from other theoretical orientations that have proven effective in providing symptom relief.

The length of psychotherapy is generally determined by you, based on your goals and progress. If you decide to understand and work to change patterns that have been in place for many years, therapy will extend longer than if you want to focus on a lessening of specific symptoms. I will do my best to help you achieve your goals and I will let you know if I do not believe my approach is effective or appropriate to the issues you are facing. If you feel dissatisfied at any time with the progress we are making, I encourage you to talk about it with me to determine the best course of action.